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 Canon of Earth - 10100, About Our universe
 Posted: Sep 16 2013, 02:58 PM
27 AGE
CeriCeri is Online

Earth 10100
our FG canon
Below are terms, objects, locations and other etcetera relevant to Earth – 10100’s canon. This is what distinguishes our setting from any Earth presented in the comics. This is the information we go by, so please familiarize yourself with the following to better grasp the world we’ve established here. If something is not listed, you’re more than welcome to bring it to the attention of or ask the admins about it. If something is not available at this time or not listed whatsoever, that does not mean anything – we may not have decided on something, or we may not be prepared to introduce it at this point in time.

The Four Big Ones

o Magic does not exist. Period. Any character with a link to the arcane or with powers described as being magical would need to be ret-conned heavily in order to jive with this setting. Most ‘magical forces’ or energies could be better described as ‘psionic’ in nature and as such, is typically the default term substituted for ‘magic’.

The Supernatural
o As it currently stands, Gods, Demigods, Vampires, Demons, Angels and any other supernatural life forms don’t exist. Whether these things will never exist or are merely kept a secret is neither here nor there, but characters utilizing anything rooted in the above will need to be ret-conned to function in this setting.

The Phoenix Force
o In this setting, the “Phoenix Force” is not a psionic entity as it is in the comics. It is simply an aspect of Jean Grey’s power/personality, and thus any characters with ties to the Phoenix Force will have to remove that aspect from their applications.

Outer Space/Different Universes
o While there is indeed advances in science and space exploration is possible thanks to the scientist of the world; this does not mean they know about the other universes and life they hold. Therefore no Aliens or the like such as the Shi’Ra Empire or those from Mojoverse as examples. Any character connected to space and the different universes must get permission from admins as well as rework details to fit to this one universe.

Things You Should Know

o There has been no Mutant Registration Act… yet. But it is a threat hanging in the air with Senator Creed in office.
o Jean Grey is still missing after the happenings of Alkalai Lake and as far as the world knows she is currently considered to be dead.
o The Sentinels are privately commissioned by Trask and as such they had started off fundamentally less advanced than their current stage of development. After the rally turned riot in 2014 the Sentinels have become a bit more advanced and a large threat to mutant kind.
o The Cure has been available to the public since 2011 but there is no concrete evidence that it is a permanent solution to reversing mutations.
o The Cure has been weaponized by the military since 2012.
o Cerebro is a machine that can be utilized by only exceptionally practiced telepaths to locate mutants. The machine also has the added effect of amplifying a telepath’s range exponentially.


o Genosha: A recluse island nation similar to that of the comic-canon version of the country; where mutant citizens are enslaved if identified. Not much is known about the country itself though due to the government not recognizing any emigration.
From the Marvel Wikia page:
“Genosha, officially the Republic of Genosha, is a small crescent-shaped island located to the northeast of Madagascar, on the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.”
o Nova Roma: A colony located in Brazil; a matriarchy. Similar to its comic-canon version in most ways.
o Savage Lands: A recently charted area in Antarctica that few have visited, and even fewer have heard of.
o Utopia: [Not Available At This Time]
o Wakanda: This is an African Nation and is fairly similar to the comic canon counterpart, as far as its location and geography is concerned – and its notable nature as a primary mining location for vibranium.
From the Marvel Wikia page:
“Wakanda is located in northeastern Africa, near Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.”
o Latveria: [Not Available At This Time]
o Alternate Dimensions: These undoubtedly exist, though there has been no evidence to support their existence – yet.
o The Commune: Hidden in a desert somewhere lives what is only known as The Commune. Protected by mutants who hide its borders with barriers, each person inside it a mutant. You can only get to The Commune once by accident, and once you leave, there is no chance of getting back. People looking to be a part of this place need to work as a community to be self sufficient and everyone pulls their own weight. Anyone wanting to be from The Commune must contact an admin first, if only to learn more about it. It is a secret from the outside world.

Minerals and Elements

o There is only one type of Adamantium in Earth-10100 and it is a synthetic alloy produced by combining various chemical resins together. It is an exceptionally painstaking and expensive material to produce, and the formula is a well-guarded secret of the US Government and some of its allies. Very few individuals know the complete formula for adamantium.
o It is perhaps the strongest material on earth and can cut through anything, except for vibranium. It is highly toxic in its liquid form with only a reduced toxicity when hardened (pre-treatment).
• Players must have an excellent reason for possessing anything made of adamantium, or having it inside of them – any such examples must be pre-approved by an admin, before the character is applied for.

o This is a “naturally occurring meteoric ore” found primarily in the African nation of Wakanda.
o While less dense and hard than adamantium, vibranium is still incredibly durable and is much more malleable and machinable than adamantium.
o Some of vibraniums properties include:
• The ability to absorb more impact than adamantium
• The ability to absorb vibratory energy in and around itself (can include both sound waves and kinetic energy)
• As the level of stored vibrational energy increases, the metal’s molecular bond demonstrates a correlating rise in durability
– i.e. the more energy it stores, the more indestructible the vibranium
o There is a second type of vibranium called “Anti-Metal” or ‘Antarctic Vibranium’. This is a recent discover of the last eight years and has been found sporadically over the region of Antarctica dubbed “the Savage Land”.
• The primary difference between normal (Wakandan) vibranium and that found in Antarctica is that this type emanates vibratory energy rather than absorbs it. This has been shown to weaken other nearby metals through a degradation of their atomic and molecular structure – causing said metals to liquefy.

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