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 The Plot So Far...
 Posted: Sep 16 2013, 02:57 PM
27 AGE
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the plot!
background history for FG
The conflict between human and mutant has gone on for longer than anyone can really remember. Humankind as a species is emotional, quick to act, flawed, and afraid. They are afraid of what they don't understand and those that are different from them.

Mutants, seen by many as the next step in human evolution, have been around for many generations but it wasn't until Magneto and his Brotherhood of mutants caught national attention in Summer of 2008 by trying to attack a charity gala on Ellis Island that the conflict started to catch fire. Mutants had become more than the oddball phenomena you could go your whole life without hearing about, now they were gossip, whispers between family and neighbors about who they knew that could be a mutant in hiding.

Amidst all of this conflict, the Brotherhood of Mutants thrived under Magneto's reign but whenever they could, the X-Men were there to stop them. Run by Charles Xavier, the ordinary looking private Institute settled in Westchester held a secret; it was a school for mutants. motivated by a dream, Xavier ran the school to teach young mutants in a safe and inclusive setting while giving them the ability to start to gain control and mastery of their powers. Some would leave as they graduated, and a great many stayed on as staff and as part of his X-Men.

It was to their misfortune then, when General William Stryker discovered the location and hidden purpose of the school in the Winter of 2010. Conducting a black ops raid of the campus, he was able to capture and subdue a couple dozen students and teachers while they slept and several key members of the X-Men were out on an active mission.

Upon their return to the school and finding the damage that had been done, the remaining team put aside their differences and teamed up with Magneto and Mystique to rescue the trapped mutants. Driven by a common goal. the small team flew to Alkali Lake where the secret base existed in the dam there and infiltrated to rescue them. During the battle, where they were able to get all the mutants out, structural damage was sustained to the dam and it was already threatening to burst as they fled to the jet.

When the jet failed to start, Jean Grey sacrificed herself to ensure the rest of her team and those she loved made it out. Using her telekinesis to jumpstart the systems and raise the jet into the air, Jean allowed them to escape as the waters of the lake crashed down on top of her.

Tensions have continued to rise since then between mutant and human, the incident at Ellis Island spurring on new research into a cure for what had been dubbed the 'X-Gene' which geneticists have identified as the precursor for mutant powers developing. In Spring of 2011, just that feat was accomplished. A medical research group, funded in part by Worthington Industries, came out with a cure and started to advertise it to the public with a campaign and kicking off the release of cure treatments with the live broadcast of a mutant laying face down on the table with white angelic wings being given the cure.

What had once been a spark was now a blaze as protests and counter protests sprung up all around New York City. Out of this turmoil emerged Graydon Creed. Standing on an anti-mutant platform with no real contender to oppose him, Creed fed off the climate of fear and hate in New York and easily won the open Senate seat that he had been vying for.

In the Fall of 2012, following several major altercations between law enforcement and mutants, the Damocles Resolution was passed. This document established a group, comprised primarily of mutants, whose main goal is to assist law enforcement agencies with mutant-related crimes. Damocles also established its global headquarters in New York City shortly after, with satellite offices being created in UN member nations who have welcomed the group. Despite the support from the UN, both local law enforcement and the mutant community at large remain skeptical of the group.

With some time in Senate under his belt, Graydon Creed brought another shock wave to New York as he started to gain traction for a Mutant Registration Act. It was at one of these rallies in the Summer of 2014 that the Brotherhood lashed out and even though the X-Men were able to step in, there were still casualties when the dust settled. In truth, the Brotherhood had only played right into Creed's hands who had been hoping for such a reaction to show the public just how dangerous mutantkind was, and the public responded in turn with followers of Creed's ideologies forming an extremist militia group now known as the "Friends of Humanity".

Even through the creation of the Friends of Humanity and the establishment of Damocles, the political tension has managed to keep both sides at bay. However, a number of circumstances, including a dead mutant pop star and the Master of Magnetism’s return to New York, seem to be leading the various groups on an inevitable collision course...

For more detail, smaller events, and things that have happened in game, please see our TIMELINE.

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