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 The Rules
 Posted: Sep 16 2013, 02:55 PM
27 AGE
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the rules!
Don’t worry, we’re not going to hide any keywords in here to make sure you read them before you can even apply. We trust that all members will have read these rules and follow them. If you have any questions or are confused about something, either directly ask an admin or post in our Phone An Admin forum.

These rules are open to change, so do keep checking in to see if anything has altered. There may be something we have not mentioned, but if a member of staff asks you to do or change something, don't quote the rules back at us - that's just rude.

The Golden Rule

At Flawed Genetics we ask that you treat your fellow members and staff with courtesy and respect. We are all here to write for fun, and rudeness or bullying will only get in the way of that. The staff are all friendly and approachable; there is almost always someone around if you need to speak with one.


oo1. Please register with an OOC account. This will be the handle you choose to go by on Flawed Genetics, and all other accounts will be linked to this one. This account will be your primary account for people to communicate with you as well as to make your claims, post your plotter and thread tracker, and to post in the OOC boards.

oo2. Please register a second account under your character’s full name (for example: Alexander Summers). Using the settings on the board, you should be able to link these accounts. If you have any trouble, please contact a member of staff and we will help you out! All apps and in character posts should be made with your character accounts.


oo1. Once you have registered feel free to get started on the application, you have a total of five days from the day of registration until a profile needs to be posted and (if a wip) another five days until it needs to be finished. After that period your application will be deemed inactive and moved accordingly.

oo2. In order for it to be accepted, two staff members have to give it a stamp of approval. This regulates any unfair bias.

oo3. When posting your application please remember it goes Last, First for the title and for the topic description your character's codename and play by in ALL CAPS.

oo4. No MARY-SUE’S or GARY-STU’S allowed. All people have flaws. And your characters must have them as well. One of the biggest critiques in your application will be the powers and their personality. Logic is important, as is creativity. If you need help on your application most staff and members are very willing to give advice and critique. This is the same for mutations. We understand everyone likes a strong character but be aware that not every mutant is going to be like Xavier or Jean Grey. Even less powerful mutants have a place on this board and if we think you’re overdoing it with the powers we’ll let you know.

oo5. Mutations are based on science. We ask that you avoid using anything ‘magical’, as it doesn’t exist in this universe. If you wish to apply for a canon who has magical abilities among their mutant power set, contact an admin - we’re happy to help you write it in a scientific manner.

oo6. All characters on Flawed Genetics must be 16 or older unless special permission is given by the staff team.


oo1. Please check the face claim to make sure you’re not using a face that is already in use. Face claims are first come, first serve, so please do not challenge someone for use of their character’s face.

oo2. Play-bys MUST BE over the age of 16. This is non-negotiable.

oo3. We do not accept comic, anime, cartoon, or deviant art images. Nor do we accept any facebook, myspace, or DeviantArt people/models. We are STRICTLY an actors and models site, that being said, we have been known to accept musicians depending on the face.

oo4. To use a model they must be a professional model or you must be able to provide a link to their profile on a modeling directory.

oo5. Playbys should be -5/+5 years apart from the applied character's age; unless permission is given from an admin if the actor/model looks the right age. The only exceptions are Canon characters that look younger than their age (aka Mystique).

oo6. If you wish to change your face claim, contact an admin for permission along with giving the reason as to why you wish to. It’s unlikely for such a request to be denied, but it’s a polite thing to do all the same.

Now that you're accepted

oo1. Once your character has been accepted, please remember to make all claims. This includes the FACE CLAIM as well as the WHO'S WHO. Please remember that we the admins are not able to keep up with everyone, and make these ourselves. If you do not do this, you might be penalized later on.

oo2. We also highly suggest making a plot page to get your character out there and immersed into the board as well as making full use of our list of open threads.

C-Box & Discord

oo1. Don’t go advertising in the C-box or the Discord chat.

oo2. No fighting. We understand that there is a difference between debate and fighting. We the admins personally, believe in a difference of opinion and defending your opinion, but also understand that beyond a debate, there is no need to take or make things personal. Keep it tame, classy and short. If you have a problem with anyone, or feel bullied in any manner, please contact an admin as soon as possible.

oo3. Remember: Feel free to talk to us! We love to chat! Just make sure to follow the rules or your I.P. will be suspended for a short time.

oo4. As for images you may use a 100X100 image as an avatar for the cbox, though please no nudity or any other explicit material or again we will suspend your IP address. Images must also be a stationary image. No gifs or pictures that rotate on refresh.


oo1. This site is rated R. Sex, drugs, and violence are all allowed. Just please use your own discretion when going into detail. If you think your thread is getting too explicit ask an admin to move it to our ‘mature forum’. Note that you must be 18 in order to use this forum - Please also tag your mature threads (ie - nudity/violence/graphic imagery).

oo2. Pregnancies have to be okayed by the staff members. Also each of the members involved in the baby plots need fifty (50) in character posts. Once the plot and pregnancy is okayed, the two parents will create the storyline with the staff informed or any major changes or alterations. In the case of one member of the pair disappearing, an Admin will immediately step in and help figure out the next step of action. The storyline will not just be dropped, but rather figured out in a logical and reasonable way to proceed.

oo3. There is 300 word count minimum in posts on Flawed Genetics, as this is an intermediate to advanced site. If we the admins do find though that you are breaking this minimum on a consistent basis we will give you a warning.

oo4. Please remember people spend time on threads and posts of their characters so please respect that. Don’t bother anyone for a post. It gets really old in the c-box when someone keeps nagging someone else for a reply. So please respect others and staff. If it is a case where the player hasn't replied within 10 days though, you may politely ask the player when they plan post.

oo5. If your character does something of note or that would attract attention, you need to make that known by either writing a newspaper article or contacting an admin to let them know. Likewise, if you notice something that hasn't made the papers contact an admin. This includes a murder, destruction of property, kidnappings, public displays of abilities, etc. Keep in mind actions come with consequences.

oo6. If you hold a canon character we expect a certain level of activity from you. We are obviously more forgiving of more minor characters but bigger canons need to be active. For all canons we're wanting at least 1 post every 2 weeks (preferably once a week).

oo7. Please timestamp your threads using this code. We are using a seasonal time system now, so you just have to give us the season and time of day. You can be more specific if it helps you, but we only require a season to be listed to keep things in order.
[dohtml]<div class="timestamp">Season!</div>[/dohtml]

oo8. While we understand that there will be people you like to thread with - please always leave room for new people. Sometimes it's a good thing to expand your writing circle and it helps new members feel welcome and get involved.

oo9. IMRPs alone do not count towards the AC. For example: if you have 4 IMRP threads in a month, but no posts as would normally have, you will receive a warning. Violating this more than once, your character will not pass the activity check. Because some of us still enjoy the small competition of the post counts it will not be one post per person. We ask that you either separate the document into halves, and post one each (fair for each party), or that you separate the posts into 500 word sections each and continue this way until finished - making clear which character has done what. We do provide an IMRP template that is highly encouraged of you to use when doing these kinds of threads.


oo1. Here at Flawed we encourage our members to be creative and make more than one character if they want to. However, we have placed some limitations. Each member is allowed a maximum of Six characters in total. However, we will make our decisions based on the interest of the player according to your total IC post count and how active you keep your characters. If we feel you can handle it, great! If we think that it may be too much then we will have to decline. If we feel you are only RPing with a few people, and not expanding, we may also decline.

oo2. FOR A SECOND CHARACTER we ask that you have at least 15 posts and have been on the site for two weeks (14 days) before applying for a second character.

oo3. FOR A THREE OR MORE the aforementioned 15 posts is still required, and it must have been at least one month since your last character app was accepted.

oo4. Activity checks are conducted monthly here on flawed. Each character will be expected to make at least one post a month in order to stay off it. Those who do not will be placed on the Activity check. You will have a week to contact the admin in charge, discussing with them, and it is their decision how things proceed. People who are on the AC often will get penalized for repeat appearances.

oo5. Any changes to the approved powers of your character MUST be approved by an admin beforehand. This includes, another ability and significant changes to the development of the power (ex: ability to manipulate X to the ability to create X)

oo6. Canons that have been dropped cannot be reserved or applied for until a week has passed from their dropped date. If you are picking up a dropped/previously played canon you need to make an effort to learn their in game history and if there is anything that is needed to be carried over into your interpretation. Contact an admin if you’re not sure who to talk to. With the new reset, we will be giving everyone a cleaner slate, so this should help.

oo7. If you would like to reserve a canon character as your next one, we ask that you do not reserve anyone until you have reached 15 IC posts with your current, and have waited the appropriate amount of time. You will have one week with your reservation to complete and post your application. You are allowed to change and/or renew your reservation once.

Yay you've read the rules. If you have any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for visiting.

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